Pre-Purchase Inspections – Buying an Aircraft


When purchasing an aircraft, “Love at first sight” is not only dangerous but can cost you a small fortune if you buy an aircraft in disrepair. Our business is inspection and repair of aircraft. Do yourself a favour and let our extensive experience benefit you directly when it comes to evaluating the condition and airworthy status of the aircraft you can’t keep your eyes off of. A nice paint job is only a few thousands of an inch thick but can deceive and hide wear and tear of an airframe or engine. Don’t fall in love with beauty that only goes skin deep.

A proper pre-purchase inspection is quite involved. Many of the tests and inspections on a pre-purchase are also performed when an Annual Inspection is performed. When you hire Centreline Aviation to perform a Pre-purchase inspection and you decide to by the aircraft, ask how the pre-purchase work can be included in the Annual inspection.